3 Tips for Increasing Customer Satisfaction Using Social Media

Today, with businesses of all types taking to the web from large law firms employing multiple wrongful death attorneys to small mom and pop retail stores that are trying to stay competitive, it’s more important than ever for a business owner to use all the online resources they can. It’s equally as important to deliver a superior level of customer service through a medium that your customers like to use. In short, you can increase customer satisfaction by leveraging the power of social media to stay one step ahead of your direct competitors. Here are three ways your business can deliver better customer service using social media.

Use Social Networking to Communicate Directly with Your Customers
Today, we live in a world where instant gratification is everything. While this is not always a good thing, as a business owner you need to realize that people have very short attention spans and they demand fast answers. Assuming that you already have a presence on the leading social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, you should be very focused on posting fresh and interesting business related content regularly. But you also need to respond quickly to messages you receive so that your customers know there’s a human behind the brand and realize that you do care about what they have to say. When communicating on the social sites you use, be sure to use a friendly, human voice so you don’t come across as a cold and uncaring CEO.

Stop Problems Before they Become Too Big to Handle
Do not make the mistake of waiting for your customers to tell you what’s wrong with your business, products or services. Instead, get one step ahead by using tools that can help you identify where your business’s weak spots might be. You could do this by surveying your customers on social media to gauge how they’re feeling and thinking about your business and what it is you sell. Once you conduct a survey you need to take action based on the information revealed in the survey. For instance, if you discover that most of your customers think your customer support is slow to respond, you need to hire more support staff asap to improve response time and to show your customers that you do care about what they think.

Closely Monitor Your Social Media Channels
If there’s one thing that infuriates a consumer these days it’s a lack of a timely response to a product/service inquiry or problem. It’s very common for a business to join social networking sites wherein it posts regular status updates about newsworthy industry info or announcements about new products and services but it fails to keep an eye on those social channels. An angry prospective or current customer can do a lot of damage to your brand image in a short amount of time if you aren’t promptly responding and handling the issues brought up. This is why you should assign someone the task of monitoring your social media channels. You also should have a plan in place for how you will quickly handle complex queries to ensure that your customers get the help they need when they ask for it.


3 Good Ways to Increase Your Company’s Productivity

Regardless of what your company happens to do, improving the productivity of your workforce can boost your bottom line. Doing more work with fewer resources is key to the success of any business. Here are three ways you can amp up the productivity of your company to ensure that you remain competitive and successful.

Reduce the Number of Meetings You Hold
If you are regularly scheduling meetings your employees must attend, you’re probably wasting a whole lot of time and costing your business a lot of money in lost working hours. In addition to the actual time spent sitting in disorganized and unproductive meetings, the time spent getting ready for those meetings and traveling to and from them
is also wasting time and cutting down on your productivity. Instead of scheduling face to face meetings, you should make use of VOIP and video conferencing technology. This way, your workforce can still meet but they won’t have to travel in order to collaborate.

Make Use of SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 software platform is Microsoft’s top-selling product for good reason. Over 75 percent of all Fortune 500 companies make use of this software product because it’s a communication, collaboration and content-management platform that can be fully customized to meet all of your business needs. If you were to send your IT team leaders to a training program that covers configuring and administering Microsoft SharePoint 2010, you will benefit down the road by seeing a boost in your company’s overall productivity.

SharePoint’s primary reason for being is to serve as a place where information can be shared. This software can be used by your staff members from wherever they may be located in the world so that they can work on projects together while staying in contact with each other. SharePoint will keep your workers connected when working on projects using this software’s robust set of tools and features while providing your business with an increase in efficiency, cost-savings and productivity.

Engage your Employees and Let Them Know they’re Valued
Without a doubt, your company’s most valuable asset is your workforce. When your employees actually want to come to work, understand their jobs and know how their efforts contribute to the success of your company, you will benefit by seeing a boost in your business productivity. Engaged workers are much more attentive and vigilant and they look out for the needs of their coworkers and the overall company. To engage your workers, you could regularly ask them for their input and suggestions when planning projects and making organizational changes.

Another way to promote engagement is to set up an incentive program wherein good performance and team work is rewarded. When you take the time to tell your employees that you value them and appreciate their hard work, they will feel more connected to your company which will entice them to always put forth 100% effort. Remember that you wouldn’t be where you are now if it weren’t for your loyal workforce so engage your employees and be sure they know they’re very much appreciated.

Top 4 Online Branding Ideas for Professional Service Websites

In case you’ve been asleep or deep in the jungle for the past twenty or so years, you’ve probably noticed that the Internet is a wild and wooly place. Between harebrained get rich quick schemes, hackers, and foul mouthed commenters, it’s a wonder any business gets done at all online.

In today’s world, however, business must be done on the internet if the business hopes to keep its doors open for any length of time. That means putting on the hip waders and slogging through the muck that pollutes much of the World Wide Web these days.

Doing business online presents some special challenges for professional service providers who must adhere to certain, well-established, standards and practices. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips for professionals who want to establish an online brand that boosts their business while preserving its dignity.

Social Media
Establishing a presence on top social media sites is one of the easiest, and most affordable, online branding strategies you’ll ever run into. Simply getting on Twitter and regularly tweeting a good mix of professional advice and commentary; interactions with other users can reap serious dividends for your brand.

One aspect of social media marketing strategies that doesn’t get enough attention is the value of good content and a solid website on which to post said content. Professional business service websites need to keep a steady flow of good content that keeps readers (and hopefully customers) interested in what they’ve got to offer.

Serve the Community
Another great way to build up your professional brand is by serving your community. This doesn’t mean you have to give away your services (though on a small scale that is a good plan). What it does mean is that you should be out there interacting with real live people as much as you possibly can.

This interaction could be anything from answering questions on online forums, to finding guest spots on local radio and television talk shows. Just think about all those lawyers who do Q&A segments on morning radio shows. That quick interaction with the community nets them all kinds of qualified leads.

Seek Professional Help
Sometimes you just don’t want to go it alone and that’s when you need to call in the professionals. Whether you’re looking to sell a dental practice or establish your brand in a new market, there are legions of specialists who can help you. While you’ll definitely want to shop around, more often than not you’ll find that niche marketing specialists are well worth the price of admission; especially when it comes to brand building.

Under Promise/Over Deliver
Oftentimes, brand building is simply dressed up reputation building. That means you can build your brand by building a good reputation in your market. One way of doing that is by under-promising and over-delivering.

Simply stated, if you think an order is going to take a week to complete, tell your customer that it’s going to take 10 days. When it’s delivered ahead of schedule, they’ll be very impressed with your business and spread valuable word of mouth recommendations.

Establishing your professional brand in the maelstrom of internet chaos isn’t always easy, but it’s never impossible.


When Working With Your Logo Design Company

images (12)When working with a logo design organization on the development of a company logo, it’s essential you specify any expectations you have regarding the results. You want your organization logo to be well designed, unforgettable, and highly effective for one of the many essential reasons being that it will be the icon that symbolizes your product. Before determining on a completed organization logo created by your preferred logo design organization take your time to consider a few of these essential factors:

Be conscious of trends within your field

Logos in various areas may integrate the use of shiny shades or large typography, while others may take more of a traditional strategy. If you have the option of surfing around through a variety of shades, be sure to choose smartly the ones that will best signify your product. Choosing logo design organization to help with your organization logo will help to inform your choices in the right route. An excellent way to help you filter out shades is by determining if you want your organization logo to combine in with your location. For example, if your organization is situated in a city area, shades such as brownish or char coal may supplement the logo’s environment of pathways and tall buildings when placed on a billboard or window sign. Be sure to use at least one shiny shade for a little bit of comparison.

By no means are you required to follow styles within your area, but it is in your best interest to at least be conscious of them. If you feel that a more traditional strategy would better differentiate your organization logo, it’s probably best to go with that gut feeling. It’s also a wise decision to take into consideration the market you are going to focus on. Ask your developer questions about what attracts young people? Men? Women? Athletes? Figure out who your organization will be selling to the most and let the design team know so they can strategy accordingly.


Create Responsive Websites

download (86)The sagacious web page developing is the resource of getting traffic and elucidating them about the durability of company. The web page should have the capability to entice guests and also highlight on the different factors of your company. If the web developing is exciting then the audiences will check out the site again and again that enhances the possibility of improving the sales of your company. Hence, it is important for the entrepreneurs to use the best sources for the growth and developing of the web page.

Resources to Create a Better Websites

Here, you will find some unique and eye-catching sources to build a web page that gets to the objectives of smart world.


This flexible grid system is made up of cssgrid.net and the concept of sub-columns is motivated from 960.gs. It is generally a mix of some customized requirements.

Bootstrap v.2.0 from Twitter

Bootstraps style sheet provide help in simple execution of 960 grid for effective structure and allows designers to acquire designed designs for typography, routing platforms, types control buttons and more. By using Bootstrap, it’s very convenient to bring JavaScript variations as it provides a set of jQuery plug-ins for choices, tabs, tool tip, aware information, drop-down list and more.


By implementing normaliz.css file, designers can appreciate a great cross-browser reliability with a standard design of HTML components. It objectives all the HTML designs that need decreasing. All the components are delivered with contemporary requirements in different internet explorer.

Mobile Boilerplate

Website growth can become an wonderful experience when proved helpful with the new sources such as Cellular Boilerplate. It allows in developing fast, effective and convenient web applications or websites.

Button CSS3 UI

Button CSS UI is simple to incorporate and thus utilized in numerous web blogs and web pages nowadays. It contributes several features to the web page and increases the style to entice guests.

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