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A Successful Blog Needs Freelance Writers to Continue to Thrive

blogA successful blog is a wonderful tool for promoting a business or idea. Well-written content provides a platform from which the blogger generates leads, increases sales or gets the word out about happenings. However, a great blog sometimes takes on a life of its own, requiring increasing amounts of time. It begins to seem like a burden as the blogger struggles to come up with meaningful topics to write about and has difficulty finding time to write.

Giving up on the blog or cutting back the publication schedule are definitely not options. This marketing effort is clearly working, so it’s time to bring more people in on the project. A great way to generate new content ideas and share the writing load is to invite guest bloggers to write some posts. Choose someone else in the company or from the industry at large who can write knowledgeably and engagingly about topics of interest to readers. Moreover, consider interviewing industry experts. The resulting blog posts will have plenty of meaningful content to enhance the blog’s overall quality and credibility.

When a blog gets wildly successful or the owner wants to share the responsibility, then it’s time to consider hiring one or more freelance writers. This is a wonderful way to vary the tone and style of the blog, and it can also generate a host of worthwhile content ideas. Finding freelance writers can be as easy as performing an Internet search. While some work independently, you can find a freelance writer through a writing brokerage service. It’s best to ask for writing samples before hiring a particular writer. Make certain that they have expertise in the right areas to write competent blog posts. A knowledgeable freelance writer can boost the visibility of an already successful blog.

Once a relationship with a freelance writer is established, it’s important to maintain that relationship with communication. The writer needs background information on the blog, its purpose and its readers. Then, they’ll need to know what’s expected of them. The more specific the blog owner can be about expectations, the better the chances are that the writer will produce the content the owner is looking for. This specific information should include a publication schedule, an exact word count requirement and a list of do’s and don’ts. It’s important for the owner to clearly communicate the blog’s primary goal, and for the writer to be able to clearly articulate this goal in order to succeed. It’s best to do some research before dealing with article writers. No matter how clear the instructions have been, it’s a great idea to be available for questions to keep the whole process running smoothly.

A successful blog is a powerful business tool that requires constant care. When it becomes too much for the blog owner to handle, using website copywriting services is an excellent method of ensuring quality content that’s received in a timely fashion. With the talents of a freelance writer, the possibilities for a successful blog are practically endless.


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