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Be Updated with Google Algorithms

google algorithms

Web marketing science experts suggest that people, who are searching information on Google, only read first 3 to 5 pages of search engine results in most cases. So, it becomes very important for companies to make sure that their website gets better ranking in Google search engine’s results. A team of search engine optimization (SEO) experts and knowledge about web marketing science can help companies to get better rakings for their website.
How does Google rate websites in its search results?
Developers at Google try to keep curtains on Google search engine’s way of working. However, they do disclose some information about updates and changes made in the way their search engine works. This information about updates helps Web marketing science and SEO experts to determine their next step.
Google uses various Algorithms to rate websites in its search result rankings. To put it in simple words, Algorithms are steps taken to achieve certain results. Web marketing science experts also refer to them as “calculations performed in order to rank websites”.
Google’s page ranking system acts as a backbone for its search engine Algorithms. This page ranking system rates websites on the basis of back links for the concerned website, which are found on other websites. According to Web marketing science experts, the page ranking system also refers to web directories, and uses virtual robots which crawl on websites from around the world in order to verify their content.
Updates to Google’s Algorithms
Google introduces various updates to these Algorithms every year. According to SEO and Web marketing science experts , this year, Google introduced hundreds of updates in its Algorithms , out of these updates, some of the major updates were- panda dance update , pay day loan spam update, penguin (2.0- #4), domain crowding update, phantom update, panda- 24 and panda -25 update. The aim of these updates is to reduce the rankings of websites which use black hat SEO techniques to get better rankings. These updates make sure that search engine users get genuine results.
If you look back into the history of Web marketing science, you will find that Google’s Penguin update is considered as the most powerful update introduced by Google in order to get rid of websites which use black hat SEO tricks.


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