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By Alex Furlin


A web designer is your eyes’ best friend. His/her job is a simple, though of absolute critical importance. A web designer creates the world that you’re being invited to. This basically entails three core concepts:


Authenticity | Aesthetics | Accessibility


  1. Authenticity


The way a web designer creates the look of the page has an immediate, permanent effect on the end user. When elements, seamlessly blend together, when visual metaphors are clear, and when, as the end user, you’re struck with the feeling that the site is “legit”, then site has authenticity. It’s the designer’s job to create a visual environment that instills trust in the user. There’s a reason people don’t use geocities anymore. They were ugly and random and just plain not authentic. Anybody could have (and did) made them.


When a site has well-thought out layouts and designs, it communicates to the user “put your trust in us. We know what we’re doing.”


  1. Aesthetics


This one is easy. The site has to be eye candy. A site can look authentic without necessarily being pretty. This is the difference between a site you’d read once or twice for a quick snippet of information that you’d trust to be correct and a site that you’d constantly come back to on a regular basis. This is the “wow” website. CNN has an authentic website. But it’s very plain. And that’s okay for CNN, they don’t need to have a flashy or cutting-edge design. But compare it to Gawker. Compare it to Engadget. Those sites are just flat-out easier on the eyes.


  1. Accessibility


Exactly what it says on the tin. A web design ensures that major functions on the website are easy to spot, logically organized, and accessible to users. Sadly, for some reason, this is the most neglected area of web design even though it’s the most important. Some websites have major navigation links hidden away at the behest of giant image banners, or even worse, no navigation at all. Good web designers make the website INTUITIVE to use. I won’t even say easy. There should be zero effort on behalf of the user. They shouldn’t work to use the website. The designer should work to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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